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"Betsy Horne in the title role and the incredibly agile Alina Wunderlin as Zerbinetta were at all times vocally supple to the most heavenly coloratura heights."

"Alina Wunderlin's voice makes this Zerbinetta an event. With supple legato she shapes the coloratura in her aria "Großmächtige Prinzessin", giving her role compelling presence by virtue of her unstrained, beguiling voice."

"[...] an ensemble that is worth listening to. First and foremost Alina Wunderlin, who creates the Queen of the Night with a wonderful voice and virtuoso coloratura between desperate maternal angst and a goddess of vengeance overcome by anger."

"Alina Wunderlin's Blonde  has a lot of self-confidence, too. Listening to her lightly appealing, lyrical soprano is a pleasure".

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