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"It was down to Alina Wunderlin, as the Queen of the Night, to give us real expressive beauty, true emotion and a

sense of connection with Mozart."

"Alina Wunderlin [...] delivers a spellbinding performance of ‘Der Hölle Rache’ as her coloratura feels as impassioned as it is undoubtedly accomplished."  

"Alina Wunderlin [...] as Queen of the Night, brings out the power and complexity of music which, far more than the script, demonstrates what a formidable rival she is to Sarastro."

"Alina Wunderlin was a dazzling Queen of the Night, with crystal accuracy and energy, but also capturing Barbe & Doucet’s intention to elicit some sympathy for the character, shifting away from the usual one-dimensional pantomime baddie."

"... Alina Wunderlin’s Queen of the Night is perfection incarnate..." "

"... the pretty Forest Bird [...] seductively sung and played by Alina Wunderlin..."

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